Minty's press room

I guess it’s not very surprising Minty has featured on a large number of websites and in print, when you think about how popular the Daleks have been since their first appearance in the nineteen sixties. I’m always thrilled and delighted to discover either Minty or the Cyberman being featured in print or on a website, especially when they’re added to the main site banner.

Of all the publications Minty has featured in, the most notable was in the inaugural edition of the Sci-fi and fantasy modeller magazine. I was also excited to be on the podium with Colin Baker as he switched on the Christmas Lights back in 2006.

Minty in Sci-Fi and fantasy modeller magazine

Sci-Fi & Fantasy modeller magazine

Minty appeared in issue one of the Sci-Fi modeller magazine. After publication it was a pleasant surprise to find he had featured on the first front cover in addition to coverage inside the magazine.

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Minty in a local paper

Minty in a local paper

Minty went to help raise money for Leukaemia research at Ashwell Court. He featured in the local rag but unfortunately the reporter wasn't terribly accurate with his information!

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The cyberman helps Colin Baker turn on the Christmas Lights

Cyberman supporting Colin Baker

The Cyberman appeared with Colin Baker when he turned on the Christmas Lights in 2006. It was great to see he also featured in their local paper. Due to the steps Minty couldn't access the podium.

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Sightings from around the internet

Here’s a small selection of the websites Minty, the Cyberman or TARDIS have featured in. One of the first photos featured on a website was the Cyberman pushing a Britax Rock-a-tot. This appeared on Tenth Planet’s 40th Anniversary website in 2003 and remained in their archives until recently. After attending London Film and Comic Convention in late 2005 (now called Comic Con), Minty appeared on the site banner, along with his small body guards.

Minty also attended a couple of events organised by Dr Who Live Events with Sylvester McCoy amongst other stars from the show and was pictured on their site. While several of the aforementioned organisations are sadly no longer in business, photos of Minty attending a wedding in South London and also an event in Cambridge at the Grafton Centre are still on Flickr, along with a few photos of Minty on the Project Dalek website. Most notable of all the images on Project Dalek are the ones of the Guinness World Record attempt to have the gathering of Dalek in one area. I’m pleased to say the attempt was successful with a total of 95 Daleks.

Unfortunately, K9 hasn’t been on many outings and as such has had limited opportunities to be photographed and featured outside of Minty’s Whoniverse.

Minty and the Memorabilia Show mascot.
London Comic and Film Expo site banner 2006
Cyberman at Tenth Planet Events Dr Who day.