Minty's press room - Sci-Fi & fantasy modeller magazine.

As you can imagine, I was pleasantly surprised and a little excited to be sent an email offering me the opportunity to have Minty included in a magazine. The offer came with a disclaimer stating that the editor only had a limited number of spots available and wouldn't guarantee all submissions were printed.

Having carefully considered the text and photos I'd include in my proposed article I set about answering the small list of questions the magazine had sent with the email. Back in 2006, during the height of Dr Who's popularity the New Series Daleks were being built by an increasingly large number of my fellow Dalek builders. It was inevitable a classic series Dalek from the nineteen sixties and a new series Dalek from 2005 would be selected to be included. Knowing the Imperial Dalek wasn't as popular at that time, I hoped the editor would choose Minty to add diversity to their article.

Not having any contact with the editorial team after submitting photos and text to them, I was delighted to discover him on the front cover and inside the magazine. In the wake of the decline of newspaper sales, after an eleven year run, the magazine became another casualty of the shift to online news reporting and printed it's final edition (No 45) in 2017.

Minty on the cover of Sci-Fi and fantasy modeller magazine
The article inside Sci-Fi and fantasy modeller magazine