Minty's latest news :    Minty's Whoniverse has recently been refurbished, the build diaries are now completed and are online ... ... .. .

Welcome to Mintys Whoniverse.

This is where you can meet Minty the Imperial Dalek and his other friends.
You can see how Minty was lovingly constructed and how Minty the Imperial Dalek was painted.If you visit Minty the Imperial Dalek's build diaries, you will also be able to see how the TARDIS and Cyberman were made.

Minty the Imperial Dalek has been roving the country in his spaceship, visiting many different places and people.Check out the gallery to see when Minty the Imperial Dalek met the Doctor in many different incarnations. (Tom Baker, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Peter Davidson) Minty the Imperial Dalek has also met many companions including Sarah Jane Smith (Elizabeth Sladen) the Brgadier (Nicholas Courtney) and enemies such as Davros (Terry Malloy) and Slitheeen (Annette Badland).

The Cyberman has also been out and about, see the gallery for pictures of the ocassions on which he met actors including Peri (Nicola Bryant), John Leeson (voice of K9) and Jamie (Fraser Hines). See the Doctor with the TARDIS and much more in the gallery.

Minty the Imperial DalekMinty the Imperial Dalek
See how Minty was made by visiting his build diary.
Check out the TARDIS built from measurements taken from the BBC prop.
See how I took the basic parts and created a 6'5" classic series cyberman.